About us

Nature creates memorable shapes with its energy and touch. They surround and define us with its unique way and unknowingly reach our soul and body. Divine creations of nature have scent of eternity. They are never more or less modern, they are just simply divinely astonishing.

The mission of Jene Design is to bring the feeling of living and connection with nature into people’s lives among all the benefits that modern home provide us.

The important part of our products is made of natural phenomena that is already shaped, especially of tree roots and various kinds of wood anomaly. They were found in Slovenian intact forests and are energetically rich and pure. Of natural resources, which seem to be useless for classical woodworking industry, we can make an unique piece of furniture for you. 

Each product is the interlacement of perfection of nature and idea, with which we try to put out all hidden lines and emphasize symphony of wood. We are inspired by the beauty of patterns and colors, trapped into the wood. They give our products special glamour and energy.

Take a walk through our gallery of unique and modern products and find out, what is that we do and what can we offer you. Products can serve you also as original unique gifts for people you love. 

Please contact us on jene.jurij@gmail.com.