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Nature creates memorable shapes with its energy and touch. They surround and define us with its unique way and unknowingly reach into our soul and body. Divine creations of nature have scent of eternity. They are never more or less modish just simply divinely astonishing.

Mission of Jene Design is to bring in people’s life the feeling of living and connection to nature along all benefits that modern home provide us. » More



HANDICRAFTS - Art & Craft Slovenia

CHAMBER OF CRAFT AND SMALL BUSINESS OF SLOVENIA, section for Domestic Arts and Crafts »Handicrafts - Art & Craft of Slovenia", has granted us a positive opinion that products from the category "Unique coffee tables," are considered as ARTS AND CRAFTS. All tables have the appropriate label.



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On the website Dom&vrt (look at the section My Project) you can find article about our unique tables from tree roots and wood anomalies. » More

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